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Historic Buildings in the City of Frederick Book Discussion

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The club contributed baby items to Miriam Dobson for the Frederick County Health Department's Prenantal Clinic.  These items are used to encourage expectant mothers to attend classes that help educate them about their own and their baby's health and welfare.
This event is held each year to honor the achievements of young women in Frederick County.  These girls have shown leadership in their schools and communities.  They are paired with a mentor in their field of interest for an evening of food and conversation.

Women of Achievement Dinner

During our annual holiday pot-luck dinner we enjoyed great food and fellowship.  After dinner we bagged and wrapped our holiday gifts for the family we sponsored at Heartly House (a local domestic violence shelter) and for the two senior citizens we sponsored through the Department of Social Services.

Holiday Gifts for Heartley House

Book Donation to Head Start

In recognition of International Literacy Day, Barb Stasny, Deborah Lundahl, Carole Larsen, and Elizabeth Derr delivered 84 children’s books to Head Start on September 7th.  These new books were much appreciated. Teachers are able to give a book to the child when they make home visits

Donation to the Frederick County Health Department's Prenatal Clinic

Zonta Club of Frederick Hosted a Free Screening of Award Winning

Documentary, “Little Stones” March 11, 2019

For more information contact Pat Rosensteel at 301-606-8161 or email zontastar@aol.com.
Heartly House donations 
Pat Rosensteel email  zontastar@aol.com.  
Mary Bowman Kruhm and G. Bernard Callan, Jr., discussed their book, "Shutter Dogs & Boot Scrapers," at the Zonta Club of Frederick meeting, Monday, May 13. The book is a guide to the basics of historic buildings in the City of Frederick. Published by the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation (FCLF), it is intended to promote preservation of historic architectural designs of Frederick and increase knowledge and appreciation of these sites and structures. As the first book on the topic, it focuses on buildings, primarily homes, on E. 2nd St., but also includes the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum. The Museum is believed to be the oldest home in town. It  bears a bronze plaque engraved with words designating it as being on the "National Register of Historice Places." It also bears a plaque with an engraved #001 awarded by the FCLF that designates it as a "National Historic Landmark."As readers follow along in the book, they learn that 21 houses on W. 2nd St., in Frederick bear a numbered plaque. Quite an accomplishment as only about 2,500 of over 90,000 buildings and structures listed on the country's "National Register of Historic Places" are recognized as National Historic Landmarks.The book is available at Schifferstadt and  other places for only $10 plus tax. All money goes to the FCLF to further their work. For more information, visit the FCLF website, www.fredericklandmarks.org.
 Zonta Club of Frederick will celebrate it’s 90th Anniversary in 2020
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Club Activites

Historic Buildings in the City of Frederick Book Discussion

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Zonta Club of Frederick

Club Activites

Historic Buildings in the City of

Frederick Book Discussion

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